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Security Guard Services

Quality and Professional Security Services that Will Exceed Your Expectations

Our Security Team will protect your property and ensure your overall safety is maintained by providing quality security guard services to your locations.

Locations we typically staff include:

  • Residential/Commercial Buildings
  • Community Patrols
  • Foster Care Facilities
  • Construction Sites
  • Parking Garages
  • Churches
  • Theaters
  • Special Events




By conducting a complimentary site visit to your location, we will develop a Security Services Proposal designed specifically for your location which will detail the amount of coverage you need, and its associated costs.

Your proposal will describe all aspects of the security service you require and will detail the implementation of your personalized security strategy. 

At Base One Security our highly-trained and professional security staff are all licensed by NYS, with a minimum of 2+ years in the security industry, many in supervisory roles who are college educated and military and/or law enforcement trained.

We offer several levels of personnel including

  • Security Guards
  • Fire Safety Directors
  • Special Event Staff
  • Emergency Action Plan Directors


  1. Residential Security
    Base One Security can offer several different security service options for your residential home. Depending on your specific needs and location type, we typically can staff residential security personnel for: - Co-ops/Condo Complexes - Multi-family home communities - Gated communities We can staff your location with Security Officers who will perform foot and mobile patrols, building checks. and any other security measures that are required.
  2. Commercial Security
    We have several options that can help you address security issues or concerns at your commercial location. Base One Security can staff several commercial locations including: - Offices - Warehouses - Industrial buildings
  3. Community Patrol
    Depending on the type of service the community requires, Base One Security can provide both foot and mobile patrols to protect your community. Types of the communities we patrol can include: - BIDS - Gated Communities - Merchant and Block Associations
  4. Retail Security
    Retail is a very high-risk industry when it comes to theft. We can develop a security strategy for you to help mitigate the risk of theft. Some of the retail stores we staff include: - Malls - Department Stores - Boutiques
  5. Foster Care Agency Security
    We have extensive experience in providing security for several foster care agencies throughout NY. We have staffed several sites and successfully reduced the number of incidents occurring at each locale. Contact us for a complimentary site evaluation so we can determine what security measure implementations are best for you.
  6. Parking Garage Security
    Depending on the level of service you need, we can staff your parking space to protect your clients' vehicles from theft and/or vandalism. We can provide security guards to patrol the premises. Sites include: - Parking lots - Parking garages - Auto dealerships
  7. Construction Site Security
    We can help construction companies with their M/WBE goals on their next City/State contract by providing uniformed security guards to the construction site. All guards will be uniformed and will be equipped with the appropriate attire required at a construction site (i.e. hard hats, reflective vests, flashlights, etc).
  8. Event Security
    Base One can provide security staff for your event at a very reasonable price. Types of events we staff are: - Concerts - Stadiums - Outdoor Performances - Private Events (Galas, Weddings, Holiday Parties)
  9. School Safety and Security
    Base One Security is an authorized provider of the Non-Public School Security Program. We also can provide security for public schools as well: - Public/Private Schools - High Schools - College Campuses
  10. Theater Security
    We provide security personnel for your theater, regardless of scope and size. Our security officers are trained to deal with large crowds, traffic control, and bag checks. Theaters we typically staff include: - Multi-plexes - Cinemas - Playhouses
  11. House of Worship Security
    Whether it be directly on church grounds, or at an event hosted by the church, we can ensure members are protected. Houses of Worship include: - Churches - Synagogues - Temples - Mosques
  12. Day Care Security
    Knowing how to securely staff day care centers with the right Security Team is exactly what we do at Base One Security. We typically staff security for: - Day Care Centers - Nursery Schools - Pre-K
  13. Hotel Security
    Knowing how to securely staff hotels with the right Security Team is exactly what we do at Base One Security. We typically staff security for: - Motels - Casinos - Resorts
  14. Hospital Security
    Knowing how to securely staff hospitals with the right Security Team is exactly what we do at Base One Security. We can staff security for: - Assisted Living Facilities - Nursing Homes - Hospice care
  15. Office Security
    Knowing how to securely staff offices with the right Security Team is exactly what we do at Base One Security. We typically staff security for: - Shared work spaces - Offices - Lobby
  16. Cemetery Security
    Maintaining the grounds to protect the headstones from vandalism is very important. Security will patrol the cemetery grounds to secure the premises, prevent vandalism and other crimes.